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ISIM Objectives


In the performance domain, ISIM creates outlets such as concert series, festivals, and recording projects that allow musicians to present their work to wider audiences, and to interact with other musicians.

ISIM provides practical support for performers including career development training and group health insurance. ISIM creates professional chapters organized by geographic location. These chapters serve as local support systems for performers, and as a network to other performers around the world. Chapters functions include keeping accurate databases of performers, venues, events, and musician services in the region, networking with local schools, and providing local mentoring services.


The ISIM Festival is hosted annually beginning in 2006. This festival aims to feature performers from many different forms of improvised music, from Indian to Jazz, Free Improvisation to Klezmer, fusions and trans-stylists of every kind. The ISIM Festival focuses on improvisation as a process that is present in musics world-wide, a common denominator of expression which binds people together across cultures.


Education  Research  Performance  Across Fields