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John Wallace

Silver Spring, Maryland

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John Bruce Wallace is a composer, improvisational guitarist, painter, graphic artist, philosopher, and Information Technology consultant. Being recognized for developing a new approach to electric guitar, the prime focus of his musical work is the expansion of the voicings of the electric guitar through improvised compositions. He has a Philosophy degree from the University of Southern Maine and a degree from the University of Maryland University College in Information Systems Management.

John Bruce Wallace is a free jazz solo performer interested in freely improvised music with a focus on generating extended sound statements within the options afforded through solo performance. His approach incorporates totally improvised sound expressions with emphasis on deconstruction of structure and pattern, upon which one can become comfortable and rely on during a performance, while generating a narrative of the moment. He is interested in the textural aspects of the sounds, in the physical dimensioning of each note, of the geometric quality of the sounds, as-well-as being concerned with the timbre of every note and passage, and with the rhythmic structure of the relationship of each note to its neighbors within the musical neighborhood.

Compositions are improvised extemporaneously on solo electric guitar without the use of tape, tape dubbing, computers or synthesizers. The sounds are generated from the mind through the hands and fingers. The idea is to utilize a few basic tones and then present relational possibilities inherent in those tones. The improvised compositions often incorporate sonorous multi-tonal qualities, dense, interwoven passages embellished with harmonic and micro-tonal sound statements, or silence further defined by irregular syntaxed rhythms and primitive beats. These extempore compositions incorporate complex musical riddles wherein are displayed the qualities of multiple instrument arrangements, incorporating voicings that bring to mind horns, sax, chimes, cello and strings, and percussion as well as various guitar timbres: All in the service of exploring, exposing, exhuming, and exploding the human GEIST.

An acknowledged accomplished, guitar virtuoso, John Bruce Wallace is a musically innovator likened to Ornette Coleman, hailed as a composer in the ranks of Cage, Stravinsky, Eben, Arvo Part, Glenn Branca, and Hutchenson, compared and contrasted as a guitarist to Eddie Van Halen, Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Hendrix, Rhys Chatham, and Frank Zappa. An incredibly challenging improviser, master of tonal dimension, expander of compositional style,John embodies the mastery of emotions in his playing. Several people familiar with his Sound Improvisions have likened them to a "Sound Track to Life". One noting that he was watching events unfold on the street where he lives while listening to one of John's recording and it struck him that the music was a perfect audio backing to the developing street events. After a performance in Arkhangel'sk Russia a veteran of the USSR's Afghanistan war told John that the music experience was a catharsis relieving the pain he endured on the loss of several friends during engagements in that conflict.The emotive quality of the improvisation released those emotions, freeing him to move on in his life. The strength of emotive expression crossed cultural and language boundaries in a universal expression.

He has shared performance billings with: Tim Hodgkinson, Evan Ziporyn, John King, Vladimir Tarasov, ZGA, Enver Izmailov, Burhan Ocal and Jazz Band Arkhangel'sk. Tours have included festivals in Russia and Lithuania, where he was awarded fourth place at the Vilnius Jazz Festival. His music was invited for performance consideration at the American Pavilion during the 1991 Sao Paulo Art Biennial, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Unique Performances have included a performance at a New York City Institute for the Mentally Disabled, as well as street performances.

He has recorded and released seven albums of extended sound statements. His recordings have received radio and Internet airplay across the United States, Canada, and Europe. His performances and recordings have been reviewed in leading foreign and domestic trade journals and publications. Recent sound statements are available on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/john-bruce-wallace , more detailed information is available at his All-About-Jazz Website https://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/johnbrucewallace and at his ReverbNation Site https://www.reverbnation.com/johnbrucewallace9?profile_tour=true&profile_view_source=complete_profile_continue&kick=201648


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