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Jefferson Pitcher

Troy, New York
United States

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Jefferson Pitcher is a composer, improviser, sound and video artist from Berkeley, California. He has released music with Camera Obscura (Australia), Moonpalace (Spain), Dutch East India (USA), Words on Music (USA), and Tract Records (USA). He plays primarily electric guitar, making sounds like birds, boats, engines, and whales gliding in and out of a dense fog; although much of his work explores feedback and prepared guitar, he also draws heavily from his love for melody and the simplicity of minimalist composers.

He has toured as a soloist, in numerous ensembles, and has recorded and performed with Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Ikue Mori, Okkyung Lee, Tim Keiper, Christian Kiefer, and others. 2007 will see the release of a collaborative project with Christian Kiefer about Dead Sailors on Camera Obscura Records, and a new project with jazz/experimental drummer Scott Amendola, about the concept of “home.”

Pitcher is currently working on a collection of solo improvisations inspired by Latin American folk songs, an elaborate set of recordings about American presidential history (out on Standard Recording Co. early ’08) and editing a feature length documentary he co-directed about men who cease shaving for six months, which details the minutiae of their lives. His last short video (The Winter of the Dance) played numerous festivals including Ann Arbor International Film Festival, Nashville International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, and Sonoma Valley International Film Festival.

His work in both music and video has focused on the connection that we have to landscape and literature, how that effects our perception, and the relevance of our daily lives as art. He has begun to explore electro-acoustic composition, sound spatialization, and his great sadness in the human disconnect from nature. Pitcher is currently a graduate fellow in the Electronic Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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