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Anne-Liis Poll


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Anne-Liis Poll is very well-known on Estonian music scene as a successful choir conductor(founder and conductor of chamber choir "Eesti Projekt") and a soprano soloist (Magnificat by Bach, Messiah and Israel in Egypt by Händel, Mass in Cminor by Mozart etc.) She has also performed solo cantatas by Telemann, Bach, Händel, Vivaldi etc. Since 2000 Anne-Liis has been mainly involved in vocal improvisation, among others she has performed with Anto Pett, Kent Carter, Sylvain Kassap, Francois Rosse, Etienne Rolin, Albrecht Maurer, Sten Sandell, Petras Vysniauskas, Wolf Kerschek, Mixel Etxekopar,Raymond MacDonald. Anne-Liis Poll is an associate professor at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


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