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ISIM Objectives


In the educational arena, ISIM promotes the creation of pedagogical materials that foster the development of improvising skills. At present there is a large volume of style-based improvising methods, particularly in jazz, and these are of great value. However, there is a great shortage of methodologies that deal with improvisation from what might be called a “trans-stylistic” vantage point, methodologies that focus on the processes of spontaneous invention and interaction as they might apply across styles. The ability to transcend stylistic boundaries is very important for today’s musicians.

Photo of Michael Jefry Stevens, Monticello High medres

ISIM will lobby for curriculum reform, and play a pro-active role in designing curricular initiatives in which improvisation is a central aspect of musical study. This is the mission of the ISIM Curriculum Project, which will explore new possibilities for a core curriculum for our times.

ISIM Conference is hosted annually beginning in 2006. The purpose of this conference is to host workshops, seminars, research presentations, and training of all kinds by experts on improvisation from all over the world.
ISIM creates Student Chapters in public and private schools. These chapters are led by a faculty advisor, serving functions including creating a local support system for improvised music, hosting local performance events and workshops, and establishing student networks world-wide.


Education  Research  Performance  Across Fields