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JCCI Action Areas

JCCI will conduct programs consisting of performances, workshops, and integral change think tanks in three areas—education, the organizational sector, and governmental leadership.  Performances will foster awareness and appreciation of jazz as a central cultural manifestation.  Workshops will provide hands-on engagement with jazz-inspired creativity-consciousness practices and principles that can be applied across fields.  Integral change think tanks will provide a forum for practitioners—including leaders—to step outside their ordinary routines and delve into some of the most far-reaching questions about human nature and potential in relation to their respective disciplines and the challenges and opportunities of our times.   

JCCI will also galvanize the growing number of individuals and organizations committed to integral/creativity-consciousness transformation into a strong collective voice called the JCCI Global Change Consortium.  A yearly symposium will bring together the many constituent voices of JCCI.

Jazz in education

Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s urging that jazz education (for music students and the general student body) be given a central place “in all schools in America,” JCCI will work to bolster the place of jazz in public schools, academic musical studies, and higher education at large as the basis for integration into the broader culture.  JCCI will work with the International Society for Improvised Music and its Diversity in Musical Academe initiative to address the long-standing and fundamental obstacle to realizing this goal—the marginalized place of jazz in the training of musicians and music teachers.  Recognizing that this problem needs to be addressed from the core curriculum on up, JCCI will emphasize the win-win ramifications of this type of reform—where the broad, creative, and integrative skill set inherent in jazz uniquely prepares musicians and music teachers to navigate the increasingly global nature of today’s musical world.  This expanded artistic scope invites the integration of consciousness-based development in music teacher training, at which point the same innovations can impact overall teacher education and lay groundwork for jazz-inspired, integral inroads to be made across the educational spectrum.

The JCCI educational spectrum also includes work with professional classical musicians, chamber groups, and orchestra that expands their creative and stylistic horizons to include jazz and improvised music. 

Jazz in the organizational sector

JCCI will take the recent wave of interest in jazz as a creativity catalyst in business and professional organizational circles to the next level by introducing a consciousness component, thereby making possible a deeper kind of change within organizations and rendering them transformational agents in society at large.  As organizations recognize that economic success disconnected from environmental integrity, social justice, and spiritual well-being is unsustainable, they will become integral microcosms of the change that needs to occur in society at large.  The multi-national corporation has the capacity to function as coherently and spontaneously as a small jazz ensemble, including enlivenment of the collective consciousness within the organization, and provide a stepping stone for this functioning to manifest on even broader, national and international scales.

Jazz in government

If the integral transformation is to take hold, it will require governmental leadership grounded in corresponding creativity-consciousness principles.  JCCI will promote jazz-inspired creativity among leaders in order that they transcend political, ideological, and cultural divides and penetrate deep into the unifying terrain of consciousness from which profound new solutions to the world’s challenges and opportunities may arise.  This will naturally translate into policies that foster this awareness in the overall population.  

JCCI Global Change consortium

Just as jazz has drawn from diverse musical traditions from across the globe and forged a musical identity that transcends boundaries, JCCI will bring together the growing number of organizations that are committed to integral transformation into a collective voice for change grounded in growth of creativity and consciousness. 

For further information, contact Ed Sarath.

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