2013 in new york

Cross-Cultural Improvisation Workshops And Performances 
June 29-July 1, 2013
York College / CUNY, Queens, NY
Final performance July 1 at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Guest artists:
Gamin Kang, Korea
Hyun-Sik Shin, Korea
Jane Ira Bloom, USA
Elliott Sharp, USA
Jin Hi Kim, Program Director

The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM) is happy to announce the first of two events focusing on the theme of “Cross-Cultural Improvisation.” The first event, hosted in collaboration with York College / CUNY and with generous support from Arts Council Korea, will be held from June 29-July 1, 2013 and involve workshops and performances of musicians from highly diverse cultural backgrounds. Each day’s schedule will include three to five hours of workshops and rehearsals in addition to the culminating performance on July 1st. The second event, to be held in 2014, at a time and place yet to determined, will continue the cross-cultural improvisation theme, but within the more expanded ISIM festival/conference format that also features papers, panel discussions, and a broader array of daytime and evening performances.  

Featured guest artists and teachers for the 2013 event will include Korean musicians Gamin Kang (piri, tae-pyong-so, saeng-whang) and Hyun Sik Shin (ajeng), Jane Ira Bloom (saxophone), and Elliott Sharp (guitar).  Jin Hi Kim will serve as Program Director.

The event presents an ideal opportunity to gain exposure to wide-ranging creative strategies and approaches to improvisation pedagogy, as well as to interact with top-level musicians from highly varied backgrounds. The three-day event will culminate in a final performance at Roulette, an internationally recognized NYC venue for improvised music. Time will also be allotted for ad hoc jam sessions, cultural exchange, and discussions of the unique historical differences in improvisation. 

For more information, contat crosscultural@improvisedmusic.org

To join ISIM or renew membership, see the following link: www.improvisedmusic.org/joinISIM.html

Ensemble Participants:
Amanda Schoofs (Voice)
Andrea Wolper (Voice)
Anton Kotikov (Saxophone)
Billy Satterwhite (Bass)
Bob Gluck (Piano)
Brogan Woodburn (Guitar)
Christopher Bakriges (Piano)
Ed Sarath (Flugelhorn)
Jeff Fairbanks (Trombone)
Glen Whitehead (Trumpet)
Jin Hi Kim (Electric Komungo)
Jeffrey Roberts (Guqin/electronics)
Maja Radovanlija (Guitar)
Lynn Book (Voice/SoundFX/Whistles)
Matthew Endahl (Piano)
Malcolm Lynn Baker (Sax)
Nora McCarthy (Voice)
Michael Titlebaum (Saxophone)
Paul Sinclair (Clarinet/bass clarinet)
Paul Musso (Guitar)
Richard Robeson (Guitar)
Phil Fried (Upright Electric Bass)
Roman Stolyar (Piano)
Rob Kaplan (Guitar)
Stephen Nachmanovitch (Violins)
Rui Li (Trumpet)
Tom Zlabinger (Bass)
Tim Tsang (Electronics)


ISIM Board of Directors
Ed Sarath, Founder and President
Karlton Hester, Vice President
India Cooke, Secretary
Stephen Nachmanovitch, Treasurer
William Johnson
Jin Hi Kim
Douglas Ewart