2012 Festival/Conference

Improvisation · Self · Community · World   
February 16-19, 2012
William Paterson University
Wayne, NJ USA

Keynote artists and performers:
Thursday: Mulgrew Miller
Friday: Robert Dick & Tom Buckner
Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier & Jim Black

Pyeng Threadgill & trio
Karl Berger with University of Michigan Creative Arts Orchestra
and 50 other artists presenting concerts, panels, talks and workshops
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Improvisation is a gateway to discovery. Improvising as an artist is more than just creating new works of art spontaneously; it is also the process we use as individuals to create our selves and discover our relationship to the world around us. At our best we transcend to spiritual planes becoming both more our selves and more finely tuned to our environment.  At our worst we are confronted with uncomfortable truths that we cannot bypass and must evolve beyond to move forward and open up to broader vistas. In every case, we learn, we grow, we share, and most importantly we awaken to who we are.

As we start to think about our identity as artists, can any of us say that improvisation is not germane to our process of living and evolving? We strive to communicate on a deeper level with our audiences and collaborators, and our best methods always include improvising in one way or another. From acting to music-making, poetry to painting, dancing to sculpting, each creation of art is in turn an expression of the core of the artist and the influence of their community. As improvisers we do not lie to each other. And as we reach the heights of our talent as performers and artists, so do we transcend the grasp of our egos, communing with the very source of our creativity. We realize that the innermost essence of our being, the infinite influences from our physical and social environments, and the global cultural landscape are inextricably linked aspects of a greater totality that is uniquely fathomed through improvisatory creativity.

This year's festival/conference explores the relationship of improvisation to the self and community and everything that entails.

Join us for a rare opportunity to share and learn what we all experience about ourselves and each other through improvising together.

In addition to musicians, ISIM welcomes particpation from improvisers in dance, theater, film, poetry, performance art, and other fields.

ISIM Board of Directors
Ed Sarath, Founder and President
Karlton Hester, Vice President
India Cooke, Secretary
Stephen Nachmanovitch, Treasurer
William Johnson
Jin Hi Kim
Douglas Ewart